About Us 
Elegant Cleaners LLC was established in Foley, Alabama, providing services to south Baldwin County, Alabama. We decided to form this business with the commitment of giving our Clients superior cleaning services for their valuable investment, their condominium. Our services are provided with professionalism, honesty, and reliability!
Elegant Cleaners LLC realizes the importance in giving our Clients the Peace of Mind knowing that their investment will always be clean. We are committed to the belief that maintaining a clean environment will extend the longevity life of all items that make up their investment; the investment that you have worked so hard to create.
Elegant Cleaners LLC  is family owned and operated with each person providing professional and detailed services for our Clients. We believe in building a professional relationship with each Client to assure their satisfaction of our cleaning services are met and to address any concerns that each may have.
We really do take pride in the results of our cleaning services, and knowing that the results are satisfactory to our Client's needs. Client concerns are treated with utmost importance and are addressed promptly on a 24 hour basis.
PHONE NUMBER: 251-943-1688